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The Perf 12's are coming! The Perf 12's are coming!

The improbably has been accomplished, we have normally perforated 2022 stamps.

Portland Stamp Company used their Rosback In-line Perforator the apply 12-67

perforations to the 2022 RILP stamps. As soon as a date can be arranged with

the extremely busy general manager/postmaster Keith on the Island as well as

schedule a flight with Griffing Flying Services, RILP will have a “first day of issue”

of the correctly perforated stamps on covers. For this first day of issue of the

perforated 12 stamps the RILP hand cancel will be done in black ink. All covers

franked with the new perf 12 or R-24 stamps after this date will most likely be

cancelled with the original blue cancel. I will be setting up pre-orders shortly

as well as start holding any covers mailed in for the “first day of perf 12 issue”.

Hoping for mid to late May currently.

The items we are planning on having available with the new perf 12 on the First

Day of Issue will be standard size FDC’s & Beth Gregerson’s Post Cards. Of course

we will apply any purchased new perf 12 RILP stamps on any covers sent to us.

And remember, even 6 of the perf 12 stamps will still make a hexagon.

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