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Aerial Rattlesnake Island

and the FUTURE

My name is Dave Gill. I'm a life long resident of the Port Clinton area. Growing up only 2 miles from Island Airlines and attending Portage Elementary School across from the airport I would frequently see the "Tin Goose" and thought it was a common sight. Even though I collected stamps since 1972, I never discovered the connection of RILP and the airport till the late 90's long after the end of the first era of the RILP (1966-1989). As my interest grew in RILP, behold the relaunch of RILP in 2005. I started visiting and interviewing people related to the post. First was Bob Fritz, RILP historian. Then, 10-17-2007 lunch with Dr. Frackelton whom allowed me a audio taped interview. After Dr. Frackelton's passing in 2012 it was thought the RILP was history.

However, after retiring from Ken Gill Construction in 2014, my focus turned to stamp collecting. After emailing author John Wells many times and interviewing new people, excitement of the possibility of relaunching of the RILP took hold. Since the island still does not have USPS mail service, the opportunity still exists today. 2022 RILP triangle stamps have been issued.


In this "ABOUT" section, I would like to keep adding information about the RILP going forward. The "HISTORY" section will focus more on RILP past. Different topics will include, future issue designs, discoveries of unknown errors, the Rattlesnake Island Club, The Rattlesnake Island Structure changes, upcoming stamp articles and stamp shows, and other topics members would like to see.

To start it off - Thoughts on future issue designs.

2023 - Battle of Lake Erie

2024 - Decades of Island Airmail Service ?

2025 - "Fish On" - Lake Erie Fish and Lures

2026 - 60th Anniversary - ? ? ? ?

2027 - Dr. Frackelton's Centennial Birthday - 7/19/27

2028 - Ford Tri-Motor Centennial ? ?

2029 - ? ? ?

Beth Gregerson Dr. Frackelton Rattlesnake Island

Beth Lynne Gregerson seen here with Dr. Frackelton during the 2010 first day issue is the talented artist from Fairport Harbor whom Dr. Frackelton selected to design and paint the artwork for the 2007 thru 2010 RILP issues.

She has enthusiastically accepted the offer to design the upcoming relaunch of  the RILP.

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