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Perforation Error Key

I would like to submit this "Key" for describing perforation errors.

A few of examples might be;

Missing D3 perf. = The center horizontal perforation is missing

Double Line DR3 perf. = The diagonal right perforation is doubled

Extra line between H4/H5 = An extra stray line of perforations towards bottom of sheet

Extra line of perfs at H0 = An extra horizontal row of perforations at top of sheet.

As I'm looking at the sheet drawing, I see 5 possible complete octagons and several partials.

Color Errors

I'm still developing a color error list key. Here are some I've encountered recently;

  1. A missing color - such as black

  2. A different blend or shade of color - A greenish overall tint

  3. Miss-registered printing plates leading to shadows and/or blurry image

Misc. Errors

I also have encountered a printed date error - on 25c - 2008 sheet - one date is 2007 & 1 is 20087.

Please submit any thoughts on description "Error key" ideas.

Dave Gill

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