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Welcome RILP collectors. I'm starting a data base of RILP stamp errors of the triangle stamps from 1967-1989 & 2005-2010. I'm not focusing on the 1966 rectangle stamps as Dr. Frackelton had told me in an interview from 2007, that there was a fair amount of printers waste gathered up from those runs. I have started looking through the RILP, Inc inventory and discovered a 25c 1973 perf Walleye sheet with missing black color. Also some extra perfs and some missing perfs on some sheets between 1967 - 1974 so far. According to Dr. Frackelton, perf errors were impossible to occur since

a die was used. While that may be true for 2005-2010 stamps I have serious doubts about 1967-1989 stamps. The errors I found are in the middle of the RILP, inc inventory and also the Jacob Kisner price lists of 1984 & 1995 explain how they found errors in 2 large purchases of RILP inventories.

I believe the 1967-1989 stamp series were perforated with an in-line perforating machine, but I do not have any verification of that yet. If anyone has any form of proof or leads of finding out how the stamps were perforated, please post here or email me.

Also, as I uncover any errors in the RILP, inc inventory I will post picture and eventually come up with a certificate of authenticity describing the error and the date it was discovered. I can only back these certificates up with my personal word that they were truly found and not made up.

So, please submit and error scans or info regarding the perforation process. Also remember,

6 triangles make a hexagon. (or plate block of RILP stamps)

Dave Gill


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