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Big Relaunch Day Approaching!

Thursday Nov. 10th - Relaunch & First Day of Issue. Sorry, no public ceremony this time.

Only 4 will be on Rattlesnake Island to do the cancelling and signing of R.I.L.P. covers.

Keith Folk (R.I. General Manager/ R.I.L.P. Postmaster),

Beth Gregerson (R.I.L.P. Designer/Artist),

my wife Mary Gill, and myself (R.I.L.P.-Postmaster General).

Once we come off the island in the afternoon, the FDC's will be shuttled to Port Clinton Post Office where Ryan (Postmaster) has several postal employees ready to postmark covers with the Lighthouse postmark. Even after the elections are concluded today and the 1.9 billion dollar Power Ball drawing has been drawn after security delays, 6 triangles still make a hexagon.

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