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Rattlesnake Island Stamps collage

Airmail Service from Rattlesnake Island, Lake Erie to Port Clinton, Ohio




Relaunch 11-10-2022

2022 New Triangle Stamps Issued

Upcoming area Stamp Shows

Garfield-Perry March Party

March 17th - 19th







Requesting help in compiling

an ERRORS data base

Would like to post an errors spreadsheet of all perforation and color errors of the triangle stamps from 1967-1989 & 2005-2010

Please email a scan of the error stamps to





Toledo Stamp Show 2-24-23.JPG


After a 12 year hiatus, RILP is coming back with a new set of 3 stamps for a

Nov. 10th, 2022 First Day of Issue.

As of 2022, the USPS still does not have mail service to Rattlesnake Island.

RILP last issued stamps in 2010,  and with Dr. Frackelton's passing Nov. 30th, 2012

it appeared the RILP too had passed.  Interest in the local post stamps and the need to help off-set the cost of mail service to the island has encouraged the restart of the RILP. Beth Lynne Gregerson, designer of the 2007-2010 issues, will be designing the new 2023 issue. And with the help of many people, it looks like the famous triangle stamps of the local post will once again have new yearly issues.

Custom Covers

Expected date to be ready to receive pre-orders for 2023 "Battle of Lake Erie" RILP stamps - Aug.10th, 2023.

For custom cachet covers, please specify which stamps you would like to be affixed and cancelled on the next first day of issue - tentatively Sept. 10th 2023 . Please include the face value of the .50 - .75 - 1.00 stamps in perf. (roulette 24) of Imperforate types with your payment.


Also, include a SASE for mailing back, unless you would like them in the USPS mailed back. Also, be sure to leave enough room for the special first day rectangle box on the front as well as the stamps & cancel. If the hand stamps don't fit on the front, they may be stamped on the back of the cover.

Drop us a Line

Rattlesnake Island Local Post, LLC (or RILP)

Po Box 45

Gypsum, OH 43433

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