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Total Solar Eclipse April 8th, 2024 RILP Cover featuring the RILP Eclipse Pictorial Postmark. This is the first ever Rattlesnake Island Local Post Issued Pictorial Postmark.

Please choose the cancelled stamp.


2022 - 75c - Jet Express - Roulette 24

2023  - 75c - Commodore Oliver Perry - Perf 12


There is a strict limit of 5 FDC's, Please.


Eclipse April 8th, 2024 Cover w/ RILP Pictorial

  • Shipping charges are a flat $2.00 per order based on RILP providing and envelope and postage to mail your items to you.

    If you wish to provide a self addressed and appropriate postage,  or If you want your FDC's sent thru the mail and you send first class rate postage, then please select the Free shipping option.

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