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This is a newly designed postcard Beth Gregerson designed for the original First Day of Issue (FDC) Sept. 10th, 2023 featuring the set of 3 newly Perf. 12 or Imperf. Rattlesnake Island Local Post stamps of the "Battle of Lake Erie" and cancelled at Port Clinton Post Office.

50 - "Dont Give Up the Ship" flag.

.75 - Commodore Oliver Perry

1.00 The US Brig Niagara.

There is a strict limit of 5 FDC's, Please.

Blue RILP cancel =Perf 12 stamps.

Red RILP cancel = Imperf. stamps.

Also note, there is no room for the rectangle "First Day of Issue"(FDI) box on a 4" x 6" postcard, so some of the info was printed on the upper left of the back of the postcard.

FDC 4x6 Postcard - 2023 Beth Lynne Design

  • This is a Rattlesnake Island Local Post - FDC postcard that was flown off of Rattlesnake Island to Port Clinton via Griffing Flying Service on the first day of new issue of the RILP stamps Sept. 10, 2023.

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