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This is a newly designed postcard Beth Gregerson designed for the original First Day of Issue (FDC) Nov. 10th, 2022 now is featuring the  new perforated 12 stamps with a "first day of issue of perf 12 stamps May 10th, 2023 featuring the Lake Erie Island Commercial Vessels.

.50 - Ken Gill Const. Barge & Buttugly / .75 - Jet Express II / 1.00 Miller Ferry "South Bass". Strict Limit of only 5 per person, please.

Black RILP cancel = Perf 12.

Blue RILP cancel =Roulette 24 stamps.

Red RILP cancel = Imperf. stamps.

FDC - 2023 Beth Lynne Postcard - Perf 12

  • The 4 x 6 postcards make it rather challinging to put the rectangle box stamp "First Day of Perf 12" on the crowded back. If requested, I can put it on the lower right or someplace else.

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