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It is an honor to have Beth Gregerson finish Dr. Frackelton's final stamp designs started over 11 years ago. The "Battle of Lake Erie" series was planned for the Bicentennial of the navel battle that took place just a few miles east of Rattlesnake Island. This 50 cent stamp featuring Oliver H. Perry transferring from the damaged US Brig Lawrence to the US Brig Niagara which he then proceeded to defeat the British fleet, with the help of many brave and wounded sailors on several ships. The motto on the flag was inspired by his friend Captain Lawrence's last words from the USS Chesapeake.


50 cent - "Dont Give Up The Ship" - Post Card Rate

  •  This is the first stamp of the new relaunch issues of 2022 "Commercial Vessels Serviceing the Lake Erie Islands"

    The scene is the Ken Gill Construction barge, crane, and push boat "Buttugly" loaded full of new docks in 2019 headed for Rattlesnake Island Marina. Ken Gill (1941-2022) was the great local entrepreneur that started the company in 1965 whom I'm proud to call my Dad.

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    If you wish to provide a self addressed and appropriate postage,  or If you want your FDC's sent thru the mail and you send first class rate postage, then please select the Free shipping option.

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