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This new 2007 RILP set of 3 stamps was the another issue from PMG Dr. Frackelton and the RILP. The local post ceased operations in 2012. The stamps were designed by Beth Lynne and featured "Encompassing Rattlesnake Island".

.25 cent stamp - "Griffing Air Service"

.50 cent stamp - "R.I.C. Activity Center"

$ 1.00 stamp - "N.W. Harbor & Lighthouse"

2007 - Set of 3 Stamps - Encompassing Rattlesnake Island

  • These beautiful stamps come in perforated and Imperforate versions. They also can be purchased in pairs, plate blocks of 6 (hexagon), and in sheets of 20 stamps. There are 3 denominations in the set. Please contact if wanting a different combination or only partial sets. (Single denom)

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