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 Nov. 16th, 1971 the 7th issue, "Sports & Sightseeing"

Designed by James P. Frackrlton, MD.

The .25 stamps are alternating withh the lettering "Perry's Monument" & "Sightseeing". On the single set you would receiver 4 stamps. But, all other combinations (pairs/PB's/half/full sheets) will just receive the standard 3 sets.


RSI 43 - .05 cent stamp - "Two Ladies Fishing" - Perf Stamp

RSI 44 - .10 cent stamp - "Island Tennis Court" - Perf Stamp

RSI 45 - .25 cent stamp - "Perry's Monument" - Perf Stamp

RSI 46 - .25 cent stamp - "Sightseeing" - Perf Stamp

The Imperf set is Catalog Numbers RSI 47-50

1972 - Set of 4 Stamps - Sports & Sightseeing

  • These beautiful stamps come in perforated and Imperforate versions. They also can be purchased in pairs, plate blocks of 6 (hexagon), and in sheets of 20 stamps. There are 3 denominations in the set, except the single set of stamps have 4 in it. Please contact if wanting a different combination or only partial sets. (Single denom)

  • Shipping charges are a flat $2.00 per order based on RILP providing and envelope and postage to mail your items to you.

    If you wish to provide a self addressed and appropriate postage,  or If you want your FDC's sent thru the mail and you send first class rate postage, then please select the Free shipping option.

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