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Thanks to all of you that came out and visited my first dealer table at the Black River Stamp Show

It went well as from 10-3 there were always 1-3 people at my table sharing a lot of good positive comments as well as purchases.

I'm planning on the Toledo Stamp Show in Feb. Not sure about any other shows at this time.

I'm planning on new issues every year for hopefully decades to come. Tentatively, next year's issue will be the "Battle of Lake Erie". The First Day of Issue should be Sept. 10th since that was the day of the battle 210 years ago, even though it is a Sunday. The USPS postmarks will be on Monday 9-11-23. This was Dr. Frackelton's last issue he was having designed by Beth Gregerson before he

passed away Nov.30, 2012. So it is a tribute and honor of all the work Dr. Frackelton did from 1966 - 2010 for the RILP. I have ideas for the next issues through 2028. I'm so excited to keep RILP alive and enjoy hearing others' excitement and positive comments as well.

Also, I want to give Beth Gregerson a big "THANK YOU" for her artistic design work for this 2022

issue and excitement for future issues. Dr. Frackelton chose very well in having her do the stamp designs from 2007 - 2010. As I'm reminded by another members email " according to Euclid, six congruent equilateral triangles create a regular hexagon". Gotta love those RILP Plate Blocks!

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