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Rattlesnake Island Local Post Stamp Albums are Coming Soon.

Just hot off of the RILP printing press are new Rattlesnake Island Local Post stamp albums.

Below are a few pages from the album. They are made of 67 lb. cream colored card stock paper.

Then each page is slid into a archival page protector and place in a D-ring 1" binder. I will also have showgard black #41/215 mounts available to sell as a recommended way of mounting the stamps. There are 15 strips each 215mm long the when cut in half will fit 3 triangle stamps.

I will start selling at the APS/GASS on Agtust 10th and then the following week have them available for purchase through the RILP.ORG website. Later in October, I would like to work on a plate block album next. My thoughts about a FDC album keep coming back to the use of 2-pocket Vario Stocksheets. Certainly open to any other suggestions.

The Showgard strips are only 215mm and these above were cut in half to save on waste. If the strips were 240mm and cut in half they would cover the protruding tips of the triangle images. Or, if one would only cut the 120mm out of the 215mm strips and use the 95mm drop elsewhere, that would work too. Please feel free to send any comments as this is my first attempt at making a stamp album.

Dave Gill (It only take 6 stamps to make that beautiful hexagon)

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