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Perf 12's are here and May 10th was another beautiful day on Rattlesnake Island.

Well it has been 6 months to finally bring standard perforations to the Rattlesnake Island Local Post.(RILP) Going forward, RILP will continue issuing stamps in 2 styles - Imperforate and the new perf 12. The Roulette 24 (R-24) was a mistake and will not be repeated anytime soon. I did retain the R-24 die and may use it in 2032 as a special 10 year anniversary, but let's get there first.

May 10th was an absolutely gorgeous day! Sunny, calm, and in the 70's. So far 2 for 2 on perfect weather days and preying that Sunday Sept 10th will continue the streak. Below is a picture from the May 10th visit looking out north towards the "Rattles".

Dave Gill - RILP - PMG (continuing to make hexagons out of triangles)

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