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First Day of Issue - Completed - Now filling orders to mail Monday!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Well it was interesting working out of a make-shift kitchen as the Island is going through some major renovation projects. For the winter, this was about the only heated building on the R.I.C. end of the island. Pictured is postmaster Keith applying RILP hand cancels. Beth and I preparing the FDC's. My wife is the hidden camera operator.

All of the pre-orders will be filled and mailed out Monday. Updated FDC scans will be loaded today as well as some new FDC items. Thank you all for your orders. I will be attending area stamp shows as a new dealer starting with the Black River Stamp Show in Elyria on Sat. 19th.

6 triangles make a hexagon. (Port Clinton post office staff thought the hexagon plate blocks looked very cool)

Oh, did I mention what a beautiful day it was! High over 70 and blue skies.

Time to go - but wait - one more photo with pilot Thomas Griifing on the tarmac, I mean grass.

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Blake Sugarberg
Blake Sugarberg
11 nov. 2022

I can't wait to receive my order. Thanks to everyone involved with the First Day of Issue and the relaunch of the RILP.

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